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Simplifying workplace communication means maximizing workplace efficiency.

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Use Basic Edition to build a SharePoint App. Plus, get access to your own App Center to easily manage and repurpose your custom apps. 

Beef up workplace communication

If your employees are juggling multiple communication apps, you’re losing revenue. The more time they spend tracking down a file or conversation is less time focused on your bottom line. ExpresDUO rounds up your SharePoint, Viva Connections, and Teams tools into a single, customizable experience. Your employees get a user-friendly workspace and you get motivated employees.


Show off your brand

With ExpresDUO, your entire Microsoft 365 environment becomes the filet mignon of intranets. With extensive customization options, you can represent your brand across every employee touchpoint. Build an experience that reminds employees that they are part of a larger team, that everyone has a job to do, and that everyone’s contributions matter.

Lead the herd

When companies are considered industry leaders, it’s usually because they figured how to do three things:
1) Increase efficiency, 
2) Increase revenue
3) Empower their employees
ExpresDUO helps you achieve all of these with a simplified employee experience.

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