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Remove Branding Roadblocks

Brand custom experiences for users across all departments.

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Built for Teams
Get seamless collaboration across departments and workgroups by bringing all of your organization’s critical SharePoint sites, data, and workflows to Teams.
Faster Customization
Cut SharePoint and workspace development time and costs by as much as 70%.
Build Workspaces Your Way
Choose from Viva Connection apps and ExpresDUO custom workspaces with custom branding, navigation options, mobile and tablet support, plus access to classic SharePoint Teams sites.
Build Workspaces All Year
Your subscription includes year-round tech support plus annual maintenance for every workspace.
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Extend the reach of Microsoft Viva Connections, while giving you the power to create more immersive Microsoft Teams and SharePoint experiences.


Combine the power of SharePoint with Teams to make it easy for your users to share files and collaborate across departments.


Make content accessible across your entire organization so your users can access branded company content from anywhere in the world.

Build Your Brand

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No matter the size of your organization, ExpresDUO is the essential workspace builder that combines the power of Microsoft Viva Connections, Teams, and SharePoint to create a culture of collaboration and productivity.


1. What level of administrative permission required to install ExpresDUO?

SharePoint Administrator or Teams Administrator

2. I am not a Teams or SharePoint Administrator; can I still use ExresDUO?

Yes! Use ExpresDUO to build a custom workspace. When you're finished, your SharePoint or Teams administrator will be notified to install it for you.

3. How do I get ExpresDUO?

You can purchase it directly on this website. Alternatively, you can select the 15-Day trail from the Microsoft AppSource or from within Microsoft Teams in the Teams catalogue.

4. How long is the free trial period?

One year for the basic edition

5. Will I get access classic SharePoint sites?

Definitely. This is one of the most requested features and is available on all plans.

6. Can I add more workspaces?

Absolutely! To access this feature, simply click on the 'Build More Workspaces' button.

7. What are the requirements for adding a custom Teams workspace icon?

You have a few options including a full color 192 X 192 and a transparent outline 32 X 32 or we can create both icons in the Workspace Builder by selecting an icon from the gallery, or by uploading a logo or icon of your choice and we will convert it automatically to the correct format.

8. What is included with annual support and maintenance?

Every ExpresDUO subscription receives one full year of customer support, available via email during work hours, and maintenance for all custom workspaces.