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Create Without Coding

Curate an environment that inspires collaboration and productivity for all of your employees.

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Inspire Collaboration

ExpresDUO offers seamless internal communications and increased employee engagement by connecting your organization’s SharePoint sites to Teams. 

Increase Productivity & Collaboration

ExpresDUO provides dynamic and customizable sites for any project or department in your organization. 

Teamwork is easier and more efficient than ever by empowering collaboration across departments and devices (incl. PCs, Macs, and mobile).


App Builder

Create dynamic and customizable team sites for every one of your organization’s projects, workgroups, or departments.

Inspire teamwork by making collaboration across different devices including PCs, Macs, and mobile devices as simple as ever. No coding, no hassle. 

Keep Frontline Workers Engaged

Keep frontline workers informed and productive by providing immediate access to all critical business applications.

Keep retail associates, healthcare clinicians, nursing staff, and factory workers engaged and in the know, so that they can do their job effectively.