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ExpresDUO Workspace Features

Here’s everything you can expect from ExpresDUO.

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ExpresDUO helps with collaboration between Teams, SharePoint and Viva Connections

Modern Workplace Experience

No more juggling multiple communication apps at work. Get  SharePoint and Teams integration, plus expanded Viva Connections customization options.

ExpresDUO helps with collaboration between Teams, SharePoint and Viva Connections
Growing the collaboration between SharePoint, Viva Connections and Teams.

Immersive Integration

Create efficient user experiences by integrating your organization’s SharePoint sites, Lists, libraries, pages, forms, and documents.


Classic Experience

Prefer the classics? Switch your experience to Classic and ease into Modern later. With Classic, ExpresDUO users get access to utilize thousands of classic SharePoint sites.

Effortless Branding

Keep your company’s look and feel consistent across every employee touchpoint. 

Custom Navigation

Get access to a library of modern navigation options for a custom UX. 

Helpful Toolbar

Standard toolbar functions in ExpresDUO include a user-friendly Settings menu for Themes, Navigation and Branding. The enhanced toolbar includes Global Navigation, Page Refresh, Personal Tools, and Page Back.

Workspace Settings Menu

This universally recognized gear icon gives you access to settings and allows site owners to customize and manage the user experience, custom branding, and navigation.

Personal Tools

With the right tools, anything is possible. Use ExpresDUO to customize an experience for each user, including Articles Saved, Personal Links, Favorite Sites, Open Sites in Browser, Copy Link to Clipboard, Display Number of Teams Members, plus Private or Public group types.

Deep SharePoint Integration

Get more work done within Teams without leaving the platform. With ExpresDUO’s total integration with SharePoint, users and site owners alike get seamless integration of all site content.

Mobile Readiness

Users get a mobile responsive experience across all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Privacy & Security

With ExpresDUO, your personal data will only be viewed by you. All manager and leader insights are de-identified with differential privacy, and data can only be viewed by managers within organizations of 10 or more people.