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Your Essential Workspace Designer

ExpresDUO Workspace Designer is for everyone in your organization that relies on Viva Connections, SharePoint sites, and Teams to collaborate effectively. Whether it’s your leadership, your accountants, sales reps, or project managers, ExpresDUO makes everyone’s job easier by bringing everything together into a single workspace.

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Build Workspaces Without Code

ExpresDUO includes everything you need to bring your essential SharePoint sites, Microsoft Lists and Libraries to Teams.

Provisioning in Minutes

With just a few clicks, your custom workspace is provisioned and available in your Teams catalogue in about 15 minutes. 

Modern Workspaces

Give your employees custom workspaces that are immersive and modern. 

Additional Features

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Icon Gallery

Choose from over 1800 icon

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Custom dashboards help employees stay synced with company resources and relevant tasks.

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News Feed

Personal feeds keep employees connected to important news and conversations from across your entire organization.

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Boost Content

Be sure important content gets read by boosting it to the top of all employee feeds.

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Next Level Integration

Users from all departments get access to important SharePoint sites, Lists, and Libraries.

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Sourcing Options

Choose to source information from your SharePoint Sites, Lists, or Libraries.

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Two Modes

App builders can choose Guided or Expert mode based on their experience.